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First Lawn Mowing and Leaf Raking of 2011

picture of lawn before eco mow.

This lawn had a mat of leaves in the yard preventing growth of the grass, and under the tree were enough acorns to feed a family of squirrels all Winter long. The first picture shows the lawn in the background before any raking of leaf matter or mowing.

The first step was to rake out the leaves from between the bushes and pull all that together on the painters tarp. The pile grew as massive amounts of leaves came loose from the grass. The first pile of leaves filled the whole tarp, and was difficult to lift.

picture of a pile of leaves on a tarp.

After realizing there would be more piles like this, the suggestion was made to begin a compost pile. A space was chosen in the back yard for a preliminary yard waste compost heap. After a total of four full loads the pile was complete for the day.

picture of makeshift compost pile.

Edging this time and the next few was difficult because of the overgrowth that invaded the sidewalks. Dirt formed in the areas covered by grass. Each pass removes a layer, revealing more of the sidewalk.

Finally, a massive sweep up on all surfaces left a clean pavement and crisp look. All of the excess went to the new compost pile in back and provided some dirt to start the process. Soon there will be nutrient rich soil in the bottom ready for an organic garden.

picture of lawn after eco mow.

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