Eco Lawn Care and Mowing Service of Kansas City

Take a breath of fresh air.

Our rates are at introductory prices for the time being. You will receive huge savings by being one of our first customers. Trust in my years of service as a youth with a gas powered mower and electric weed eater. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.

Approximate Rates for Eco Lawn Mowing Services

Choose the right company for your lawn for all of the right reasons, including the price!

Residentail Home Lawn Care - $30 average

  • Fairly flat land.
  • Well under an acre.
  • Not overgrown.

Mow a Big Ass Yard on a Hill - $75 average

  • Yard size is around an acre.
  • You are on a huge hill.

Mowing a Bonanza Ranch Size Lawn - $1000 average

Bonanza TV show logo.
  • Corporate property care
  • Create above ground gardens.

Lawn Care for Apartment Complexes - $200 average

  • Multi-unit complexes
  • Strip malls and shopping courts
  • Public grounds, public property

Additional Services

  • Yard Cleanup is required before we mow if you have debris.
  • Yard Waste Removal to our worm-filled composting bins.
  • Brush Trimming to shape or tame your bushes.

Contact Eco Lawn Mowing of Kansas City

Clint White

Cell (913) 219-5164

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