Eco Lawn Care and Mowing Service of Kansas City

Make the World a Beautiful Place.

People are less likely to litter and destroy beautiful places since the disturbance stands out so much. Utilizing ecologically sound landscaping practices, we cut back on poisons and refuse while maintaing a natural looking property. Let's get a plan started for your property utilizing the best in eco landscaping methods.

Maintainence should be kept to a minimum to reduce care overhead and water bills. The addition of accessible landscaping cuts down on the amount of grass that needs to be cut on a weekly basis, saving you more money every week.

We are running specials until we can afford our first Nissan Leaf, so call the only Kansas City eco landscaping service right now.

Reasons to hire Eco Lawn Mow K.C.

You will save from the start with all of the unique options from Eco Lawn Mow K.C.

We source products and plants that are:

  • Organic
  • Local
  • Sustainable

You will not have to:

  • Use pesticides.
  • Water every day.

We can:

  • Create a compost pile for your house.
  • Create above ground gardens.

We will not:

  • Plant any exotic or invasive species.
  • Use pesticides or fertilizers.

We always:

  • Buy organic local food.
  • Recycle all our waste.
  • Utilize recycled papers and minimal print.

Contact Eco Lawn Mowing of Kansas City

Clint White

Cell (913) 219-5164

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