Eco Lawn Care and Mowing Service of Kansas City

We encourage Food not Lawns.

You have space in your yard that could save money with a little investment. eco lawn care.

You could read a book in the porch swing while we use nearly silent electric mowers to cut your grass to a healthy height. Next we edge your driveway, walkway, and landscaping. We finish your yard with an electric blower and broom so your plants take no damage.

Our goal is to own a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle to get across town, but we will need your help to get there. Investors are welcome to contact us concerning the expansion of this unique Kansas City lawn care service.

Organic Garden with Untreated Cedar Wood.

Constructing your organic garden out of natural materials is the first step to a natural path. Using cedar will provide a backdrop that blends well with suburban fences and works well with small gardens.

Cedar will resist rot for years, but will slowly deteriorate and supply additional nutrients. When it has provided years of food, you can cycle the parts back in to the compost pile to provide more fuel for future soil and gardening.

Cost for Cedar Wood Gardens

Organic Garden with Landscaping Bricks

Use landscaping bricks for a stable organic garden. The bricks will last nearly forever, will withstand any mowing, and will continue to look the same as day one. The only downside is the cost, at over $2.00 each. This adds up quickly to a cost of hundreds for a medium sided garden.

Choosing landscaping that works with your existing theme is the idea with stone walled gardens, and we can also construct the same garden theme using limestone, bricks, or any other material. Contact us to discuss your garden ideas now.

Reasons to hire Eco Lawn Mow K.C.

Food travels an average of 1,500 miles to your local grocer from unknown farms

You will not have to:

  • Buy food from grocers all Summer long.
  • Put food in containers and bags, then recycle.
  • Worry about where your food has been.
  • Give up your right to production.

We can:

  • Reduce dependence while saving.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

We will not:

  • Package yard waste in plastic bags.
  • Use plastic landscaping liners.
  • Use pesticides or fertilizers.

We always:

  • Buy organic local food.
  • Recycle all our waste.

Contact Eco Lawn Mowing of Kansas City

Clint White

Cell (913) 219-5164

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